Here's what a few of our guests had to say...

"We had the privilege of having Jim aide in the development of our Host department here at our casino. He not only instilled confidence in all of our team members, but provided a vast amount of information and techniques when working with customers. I would highly recommend Jim for any customer service training your company needs. He is approachable, supportive, and highly knowledgeable professional."  Nick Kaber, AGM, Bronco Billy's Casino

"Jim embarked with us on a journey for changing culture to create an extraordinary internal experience that would flow over to excellent external customers relationships. My team was impressed with his enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor.  Jim’s mind-set for change and ability to strengthen our team exceeded our expectations. Jim is a top-performing professional."  Shively Verrette, Chief Financial Officer, Lakeside Bank

"If you want to make the customer the center of your operation and use customer service as a differentiator, there is nobody better to help you do that than Jim. His innovative, creative, and supportive approach from the C-Suite to the line staff will resonate with your employees and your customers and help you grow your business."  Tim Fields Co-Founder + CEO Ignite Medical Resorts

"When I was looking to turn over our customer service training, one name said it all - Jim White.  It is very important to me that our guests receive gold star service here at our casino.  Jim brings the experience and excitement to get our message across and hold the attention of his audience.  Several of our front line team members came up to me after the classes to say thank you for the training.  We look forward to his next visit."  Anthony Scudiero, VP/GM Waterview Casino, Vicksburg,MS

"I have had the esteemed pleasure of working with Jim for roughly 4 years - both in the corporate and private skilled nursing facility industry. Jim truly embodies the culture of treating each customer as a guest. With a wide range of expertise, Jim focuses on product improvement with high end results. Jim has a contagious spirit about him that makes others want to spread customer service in every aspect of their job - whether it be a simple smile walking down the hallway, to ensuring the final impression that our guest has exceeds our competitions. Jim has a drive to get things done, makes sure that everyone involved understands the tasks at hand, and make things happen even if there are challenges ahead. With Jim, there is no “status quo”. It’s always about how we can take it to the next level of WOW! I highly recommend working with Jim. With Jim White Advantage GX, there is CLASS, OUTCOMES, and most of all, HAPPY GUESTS!" - Amanda Andrews, Administrator, Avanti Wellness and Rehabilitation

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jim regarding our company's Customer Experience training. It is great how easy going his training sessions are and how approachable the subject matter is. Everything was made so simple for my staff and myself, I am looking forward to working with Jim in the future." - Sandra Gray, Executive Director, Asbury of Kankake